Leo Horoscope

Monitor the people pleasing early this week! Also on Tuesday, stern Saturn sends a harsh beam to affable Venus. Your caring sign always tries to do the right thing, but there’s just no pleasing some people! It’s understandable that you might be feeling some resentment… but could some of it be of your own making? Your generosity is admirable, but if you give with strings attached, it doesn’t count as a selfless act. Whatever you choose to do is your decision, and if others don’t show the kind of appreciation you expect, try not to make assumptions. Who knows what they’re going through? They might be so emotionally distraught that they simply forgot to thank you. Add loving acceptance to the list of things you’re offering, then step back and give them an opportunity to do the right thing. If they dropped the ball and didn’t follow up on something, then you might need to directly communicate this—or express your needs instead of assuming they can read your mind.

Source: Leo Weekly Horoscope