2018: The Year Women Are Redefining Streetwear


A couple of months ago, I was fortunate enough to speak on the panel “Street Wear: A Women’s World,” during The Drop at Barneys. Ever since then, this issue has been churning in my head. Is the streetwear industry truly inclusive? Are men and women borrowing from each other without credit? How can women keep pushing forward? Is the brotherhood in streetwear holding women back from truly participating?

During our panel discussion, Jeff Carvalho, Tracey Mills, Emily Oberg, Jackie Kim, and I started off by acknowledging the fact that the industry is male-dominated, and active efforts need to be made to make it more welcoming for women. One key problem that may hinder a lot of women interested in streetwear is the lack of prominent female figures to look up to in the industry. Masculinity has been so deeply ingrained into street culture, with majority of public figures being male, like athletes and rappers. While on the contrary, women in these same roles haven’t been broadcasted to the same extent, aside from a select few.


Source: 2018: The Year Women Are Redefining Streetwear